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Anshun Yi International Group Co., Ltd. is a registered business institution in Hong Kong, which operates e-commerce and various types of finance. Wealth management products, product agents, human resources development, agency investment and investment immigration and many other fields.

In providing the most suitable financial services in the ever-changing financial industry, we focus on cultivating talents and pursuing services. Innovation is both the aim and the ability to maintain business can not be ignored.

At the same time, we are the first company in Hong Kong to have its own mine in China, providing customers with digital currency one. Stationary investment services, from online trading platform to buying mining machine hosting services for customers to dig at home mine.

These businesses will have a significant impact on the financial industry in the future, and will also have an investment model for customers. change. At present, we have made preliminary developments in related fields.

Of course, all of this depends on the hard work and professionalism of Anshun International Group employees, so that Anshunyi can become A pioneer in digital finance. In the days to come, we will strive to develop more innovative products and provide excellent service. Promise of.

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