Hosting Q&A

Payment Method

Bitcoin/Renminbi (where RMB payment is limited to China, more than 50 units can be paid in US dollars in foreign countries)
It is priced in RMB and is converted to real-time Bitcoin or U.S. dollar prices.

Order Confirmation

Please make sure to fill in the 4-digit order number correctly when you transfer your bank account. The finance will confirm the order after verifying the bank payment information.

End payment confirmation

When paying, please confirm whether you click the button to start paying the balance on your order page. After confirming the click, whether the remark is transferred 4
The number of postscripts, if any, we will confirm the payment information within 24 hours. If there is no remark, please contact customer service to provide the order number and bank transfer slip.

Order expired

Please make sure to fill in the 4-digit order number correctly when you transfer your bank account. The financial department will restart and confirm the order after verifying the bank payment information.

Coupon Use

Coupons can only be used when paying the balance, and cannot be used overlapped.

Product Delivery

After the order is paid in full, we will arrange delivery at the scheduled time. Logistics services are provided by third parties such as Debon and SF. Please note,
Unless otherwise explicitly stated on the website, the retail price of the product does not include freight, and delivery time is only expected. Third-party service providers do not guarantee delivery time and should not rely on such services. Once we deliver the product to the carrier, we deliver the product and transfer the ownership of the product to you. The risk of damage and loss is your responsibility.

Returns refund

Once the card mining machine is sold, it does not support refunds or returns. If there are special circumstances, please contact us.

Operating Instructions

You can view guidance videos on the official website configuration instructions page.

Post-Sale Issues

Please contact our staff for any after-sales maintenance issues. Contact details are as follows:
QQ sale: 3579837369

Production and product issues caused by maintenance

During the warranty period, if the product defect is caused by the product’s own problem (not including the defect under the warranty restriction), you can return the product for repair at its own expense according to the warranty. However, the product should be returned within a reasonable time after the product is found. After we receive the original product and go through related service processing procedures, we will send back the repaired product. You need to bear the shipping cost for the returned product.

Electric billing

We will send you last month’s electricity bill and remittance information in the form of an email at the beginning of each month. Please complete the email within 3 working days after receiving the email. Monthly electricity bill payment, otherwise the mine will be off the corresponding miner. If there is any objection to the electricity fee, please reply directly to the electricity fee email.

Cancel Mine Machine Hosting

1. Contact customer service (WeChat ID: MG_Bussiness) to settle the electricity bill
2. Complete the Cancel Escrow Enrollment Form and send it to (Email Subject Name+Un-Hosted)
3. Cancel the hosting registration sent to:

Another: Shipments to the miner are at your own expense

Change hosting information

1. Fill in the custody information change form and send it to (the mail title is name + change operation + miner’s number)

2. Change Hosting Information Registration to:

Mining Machine Escort Repair

After the miner is hosted, please add customer service WeChat ID: MG_Bussiness, customer service will help you to add to the corresponding mine site group, if the miner is down, the power is too low, etc. In this case, the miner’s number will be reported to the mine personnel. The mine personnel will be processed after receiving the repair request. The processing completion time depends on the machine fault condition. The party providing the hosting service does not bear any loss of revenue due to the maintenance of the machine.

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