Mining Machine Hosting

After purchasing the Anshun easy-to-mining machine, the miner will be hosted in a self-owned mine, deployed by professionals, and maintained for 24 hours.

Accrues 0.8 yuan/kWh for fixed power, no maintenance fee; monthly bill for electricity bills, settlement of RMB remittances

Submit your mining settings information when paying the final payment: digging currency, wallet address, mine pool

5 to 7 days after shipment, the deployment will start mining. You can check the power and profit status through the pool link. If you have any questions, you can contact the mine staff to deal with it.

Management Rules

1. Models that provide hosting services: EC Dog Miner V4, PandaMiner B5 Plus

2. Hosting is an additional service, and the party providing the hosting service does not commit to the operation of the mining machine in the mine pool and the revenue in the mine pool

3. ​​Do not open remote control access to users due to mine management security considerations

4. Anshunyi Group reserves all rights to interpret the rules of custody

Electricity Charges

1. Electricity 0.8 yuan/kWh, calculated according to theoretical power consumption:

PandaMiner B3 Pro theoretical power consumption: 1.35kW (ETH mining)
EC Dog Miner V4 theoretical power consumption: 0.856kW (XMR mining)
Take ETH mining as an example: The daily electricity charge for a single PandaMiner B3 Pro is: 0.8 yuan/kWh*1.35kW*24 hours=25.92 yuan EC Dog Miner V4

2. The monthly electricity bill will be settled at the beginning of each month and the electricity bill will be sent by email to the registered email address.

3. ​​After the electricity bill is officially sent out, please pay the electricity bill within 7 days. If the bill is not paid in time, it will be shut down.

4. Due to a power outage in the power station that caused a power outage in the mine, the electricity bill is not calculated during the power outage (subject to the power outage time provided by the power station)


1. After the hosted mines are delivered to the mine, they will be deployed in batches. The deployment time is approximately 3~5 working days.

2. The party providing the custodial service will record the time the miner will be on board, and this time will be the starting point for calculating the electricity charge, accurate to 1 day, if less than one day is calculated on a daily basis

3. ​​The miner will add the rack number to the miner’s name.


1. The mine has professional personnel to perform routine maintenance on the mining machine

2. If the mine has an abnormal situation such as downtime or low computing power, it can be reported to the mine staff through the name of the miner.

3. ​​Mine personnel will be processed after receiving the repair request. Processing time depends on the machine failure situation.

4. The party providing the custody service does not bear the loss of revenue due to the maintenance of the machine, and the electricity charge is still calculated based on the theoretical power consumption (special handling for maintenance time exceeding 15 days)

Off the shelf

1. The user who needs to retrieve the miner must report the next miner to the official customer service within 3 working days.

2. Shipment of freight from the miner is at the user’s own expense

3. ​​The electricity fee must be paid before retrieving the miner, otherwise the miner will be detained until the electricity bill is paid.


1. Mine may lose power

2. Both the mine LAN and the externally communicating network may fail.

3. ​​The party providing the custody service shall not be liable for compensation if the mine cannot continue to operate due to force majeure such as legal policy, war, earthquake, fire and power failure.

Choose the hosting service as a preset read and agree to the above terms.

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