Miner User Manual

The picture shows the corresponding socket of the card mining machine:

Left view Right Side View
PIN port: power connection, power supply

HDMI 1 interface: graphics card HDMI
Ethernet port: network cable port, connect network
HDMI 2 interface: motherboard HDMI
LED: graphics card working status indicator
USB interface: relevant file transfer
switch: video card mining machine switch station

Operating Instructions:

1. Remove the miner from the box (for users who do not purchase the power supply, they must provide their own power supply)

2. Connect the power supply to the motherboard through the 6PIN connector.

3. ​​Connect the monitor, turn on the motherboard switch, and connect to the network cable to start work. Mining machine will automatically obtain IP, mining machine
After running, the user can query the router device list to obtain its assigned IP address for browsing.

4. Turn on the display. The guide file for the mining software will appear on the desktop and follow the guidelines. (Because the mining software is not updated regularly, the method of setting of different versions may be inconsistent. We currently provide the latest mining procedures. Follow-up updates will be synchronized in time.)

Ether (ETH)

Open the latest eth mining software on the desktop

1. Right-click on the ETH.bat file in the file and click Edit. The following command appears:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.f2pool.com:8008 -ewal ETH wallet address -eworker office -asm 2 -dcri 12

2. Enter your own address into the appropriate address location and save the file. Double-click to run the ETH.bat file. You can start mining.


Open the zcash folder on your desktop and open the ZCash v9.1 folder

Right-click on the Config.txt file in the file and click Edit. The following command appears, the second line:

-zwal ZEC wallet address.pandaminer

Enter your address in the appropriate address location, save the file, and close it. Find the file start.bat and double-click to run the start.bat file. You can start mining.

If you have any questions during the actual operation, please feel free to contact us

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