Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Declaration

1. Declaration

A Shun Yi Technology Holdings Group Co., Ltd. website (www.ecdvtech.com) The ownership and operation rights of the services are owned by Anshun International Group. The “Registration Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) is governed by the rights and obligations of the users of Anshun Yi International Group and the Anshunyi Technology Holding Group on various services. By accessing and/or using this website, the user accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. Anshun Technology Holdings Group Co., Ltd. as the operator of the website (www.ecdvtech.com) is based on this agreement Provide services to users. If you do not wish to accept the terms of this agreement, you may not access or use this website.

2. User Services

Provide network services for users to purchase video card mining machines through the Anshunyi website.

1. Service Content

(1) The user has the right to browse and purchase the video card mining products on the Anshunyi website.

(2) The user has the right to view the information under the Anshunyi member account on the Anshunyi website, and has the right to use the functions provided by the Anshunyi website.

(3) The user has the right to participate in the website activities organized by the Anshunyi website according to the activity rules published on the Anshunyi website.

(4) The Anshun Technology website promises other services for users.

2. Service Rules

(1) When you have a transaction dispute with other members during the trading of Anshunyi Technology, once you or one of the other members or both parties submit an Anshunyi request for mediation, then Anshun has The right to make a mediation decision based on the unilateral judgment, you understand and agree to accept the judgment and mediation decision of Anshunyi Technology.

(2) You understand and agree that Anshunyi Technology has the right to provide the user information you provide to the Anshunyi Technology website at the request of government departments (including the judicial and administrative departments). Necessary information such as transaction history. If you are suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, the Anshunyi Technology website also has the right to provide the necessary identity information to the right holders in the initial judgment of the alleged infringement.

(3) Your taxable benefits, as well as all hardware, software, services and other expenses incurred in the use of Anshunyi’s web services, are solely at your own risk.

(4) When using the Service, you agree that all transactions may not be changed once executed.

(5) When using the Service, you agree that the Anshun Technology website reserves the right to liquidate the transaction at any time, regardless of profit or loss.

3. modification and termination of service

1. Changes to the agreement

Anshunyi Technology website reserves the right to change the content of this agreement or other terms of service and operation rules issued by Anshunyi.com at any time. When changing, Anshunyi Technology website will be on the website of Anshunyi Technology. The announcement is made when the announcement is made. If the user continues to use the service provided by the Anshunyi website, the user agrees to the content change. If the user does not agree to the changed content, the user has the right. Stop using Anshunyi technology web service.

2. Termination of the agreement

(1) Anshunyi Technology website reserves the right to cancel the user’s Anshunyi technology webpage account or terminate all Anshunyi technology webpage services in accordance with the terms of this agreement. This agreement is terminated on the date of cancellation of the account.

(2) Upon termination of this Agreement, the User has no right to request the Anshun Technology website to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring the Anshun Technology website to retain Or disclose any information in the original network account to the user, and forward any information that has not been read or sent to the user or a third party.

(3) The termination of this Agreement does not affect the breach of contract by the defaulting party.

4. Privacy Policy

1. Scope of application

(1) The personal registration information provided by the user according to the Anshunyi website when the user signs up for the Anshunyi website account or payment account;

(2) The value of the server on the user’s browser automatically received and recorded by the Anshunyi website when the user uses the Anshunyi web service or when accessing the Anshunyi website, including However, it is not limited to data such as IP addresses and web page records requested by users;

(3) Data collected by users of the Anshunyi Technology website on the Anshunyi website, including but not limited to sales, purchases, deposits, etc.;

(4) Other user personal information obtained by the Anshunyi website through legal channels.

2. Information usage

(1) The Anshun Technology website does not sell or lend the user’s personal information to anyone unless prior permission is obtained from the user. The Anshunyi website does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute the user’s personal information by any means.

(2) The Anshunyi website keeps confidential the customer identity data and transaction information obtained, and must not be directed to any unit or
People provide customer identity data and transaction information, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations

5. User Rights and Obligations

1. Do not interfere with or attempt to interfere with or access the Site and use service methods other than interfaces. Otherwise, you agree to bear any direct or indirect loss or damage as a result of your breach of the Terms of Service.

2. The Anshun Technology website does not review or approve any requests from third-party websites that access your Anshun Technology website for mining machines, and does not trace any liability to these websites. If you don’t trust the website that is requesting your information, you should not approve the request.

3. Do not use this site to endanger national security, disclose state secrets, or infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the state’s social collectives and citizens.

4. Users may not maliciously register Anshunyi.com’s account by any means, including but not limited to multiple accounts for profit, speculation, cashing, and awards. Users should not steal other user accounts.

5. Users are prohibited from using the Anshunyi website in any form as a place, platform or medium for various illegal activities. Users may not engage in any commercial activities in the name of this website without the authorization or permission of the website of Anshunyi Technology, and may not use the Anshunyi website as a place, platform or medium for commercial activities in any form.

If the user violates the above regulations, the Anshunyi Technology website has the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to deleting the content posted by the user and canceling the star rating obtained by the user on the website. , honors and virtual wealth, suspend or seize user accounts, cancel the benefits derived from violations, and even pursue the legal liability of users through litigation.

6. refusal of guarantee and disclaimer

1. The Anshunyi website is a third-party platform for “network service providers”. It does not guarantee that the information and services on the website platform can fully meet the needs of users. Panda Miner Network does not assume legal responsibility for errors, insults, slander, inaction, obscenity, pornography or embarrassment that may be encountered by users in accepting the services of Anshunyi Technology.

2. Based on the particularity of the Internet, Anshunyi Technology website does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, and does not guarantee the timeliness and security of the service. The responsibility caused by the webpage.

Anshunyi Technology website seeks to enable users to securely access and use this website, but the Anshunyi website does not state or guarantee that this website or its servers are free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors. Therefore, users should use industry-recognized software to kill any viruses downloaded from the Anshun Technology Network.

3. Anshunyi Technology website is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete or save the information posted by the user. It is not responsible for typographical errors, negligence, etc. caused by the deliberate intention of the website due to the non-Ann Shun Yi website. Anshunyi Technology website has the right but not the obligation to improve or correct any omissions or errors in any part of this website.

4. Unless the Anshunyi website stipulates in writing, the Anshunyi website is intended for users from any website (including but not limited to including, via, connecting or downloading). Any content information obtained, including but not limited to advertising, does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness and reliability; any product, service, information or data purchased or obtained by users due to the content information on this website, Anshun Yi The technology webpage is not responsible. The user is solely responsible for the risks associated with the use of the information on this website.

5. User comments published by all users on the Anshunyi website represent the user’s personal opinion. It does not mean that the website agrees with its opinion or confirms its description. This website does not undertake user comments. Any legal liability arising.

6. Anshunyi Technology has the right to delete all kinds of information in the Anshunyi website that do not comply with the law or agreement, and reserves the right not to notify the user.

7. All notices sent to users will be delivered via official page announcements, station letters, emails, customer service calls, text messages or regular mail. Any activity or information that is not obtained through the formal pipeline of the Panda Mine Network, Anshunyi Technology website does not assume legal responsibility.

8. Anshunyi Technology has the right to adjust the fee rates for recharge, withdrawal, transaction, etc. according to market conditions, and has the right to decide the termination of the free promotion period.

7. Intellectual Property Rights Statement

All copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property rights of Anshunyi Technology, as well as all information related to it, including but not limited to: textual expressions and combinations, icons, Graphics, graphics, color, interface design, layout framework, related data, printed materials, or electronic documents are subject to the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Anti-Unfair Competition Law and corresponding international treaties of the People’s Republic of China and others. The protection of intellectual property laws and regulations, except for software or technology authorized by third parties, Anshunyi Technology enjoys the above intellectual property rights. Without the written consent of Anshunyi Technology, the User shall not implement, use, transfer or license any of the three parties to implement, utilize or transfer the above for any for-profit or non-profit purposes.
Intellectual property rights, Anshunyi Technology reserves the right to pursue the above unlicensed behavior.

8. special statement

Under the circumstances permitted by law, Anshunyi Technology may fail due to information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failure, computer, communication or other system failure, power failure , strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, riots, lack of productivity or production data, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, government actions, orders of the judiciary, other force majeure or third party inaction Or delay the service, and the loss suffered by the user is not responsible.

9. risk tips

1. Buying a mining machine has a very high risk of similar investment

(1) There is a risk of short-term elimination of the mining machine. The price of the mining machine may be adjusted according to market conditions without prior notice and price compensation. Please understand. Once the machine is sold, it does not support refunds or returns. The mining machine is currently only suitable for mining, and all its parts have been modified. Second-hand resale will not be sold in real value.

(2) The mining machine is suitable for some virtual currency. The price of the currency and the difficulty of mining are directly linked to the income of the mining machine. Users need to pay attention to and grasp the market conditions to avoid losses.

2. Participating in mining machine investment, users should control their own risks, evaluate the investment value and investment risk of mining machines, and bear the economic risks of losing all investment.

3. Due to the formulation or modification of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, the transaction of the virtual currency is suspended or prohibited, and the economic losses caused by the user are all borne by the user.

10. legal jurisdiction and application

1. All disputes, claims or other matters arising out of or relating to the use of the Anshunyi website are subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

2. Any dispute between the user and the Anshunyi website should be resolved through negotiation in good faith. If the negotiation fails, the lawsuit should be filed in the court where the Anshunyi Technology website is located.

11. Effectiveness and interpretation of the agreement

1. This agreement is registered and completed by the user upon clicking on the registration page of the Anshunyi website.
The Anshunyi Technology website account and password will take effect and will be binding on Anshunyi Technology and users.

2. The user has fully read and understood the above terms and conditions before signing up and is willing to take responsibility. The final interpretation of this provision belongs to all.

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